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Gillian Elisa
Cawl a Ch
ân, Thomas Arms Llanelli




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Thomas Arms, Llanelli

Cawl a Chân
For those that made it to the Thomas Arms on Friday 5th March 2010, I don't need to explain the treat we all experienced.

Gillian Elisa got the laughter muscles working hard. She is a well known Welsh Comedian and Actress who has appeared in Pobol y Cwm. Gillian Elisa's character Mrs Olwen Tegwen Thomas (Mrs O.T.T.) was first to take centre stage. Cellan Davies, Scarlets Choir member, was one of Mrs OTT's victims and even I was singled out by her once she spotted my camera, although I got of lightly compared to some of the other audience members!

Following the auction Mrs OTT made the onstage transformation into Olga Teknikalitch whose Eastern European accent whilst conversing in Welsh was impressive in its own right. Lucy and Katie Redman, international champion cheerleaders accompanied Mrs OTT and friends throughout the evening. Gillian Elisa's finale introduced us to Delyth Dawel, loosely translated to Quiet Delyth, who did not live up to her name!

Singing was a forte of Gillian Elisa and her characters.

Review & Images by Ogwen Evans

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